Pastor's Note

A Word from Reverend Ruben Velasco, Senior Pastor
A Prayer for our troubling times!  

"All knowing and all-powerful God, at this time of fear, uncertainty and isolation we pray for your healing touch in our lives. We pray for your hope and peace that can sustain us in this unprecedented time.

We pray for those that have passed around the world from this virus, as well as those who currently have the virus. For their families and for those that love them. We ask for your grace for their pain.

We pray for our leaders, medical personnel, scientist and first responder who are trying to do what is best in this frightening time. They are trying to help others while worrying about their own families. Be with them and help them make the right decisions to bring an end to this crisis.

We pray for those who are worried financially, especially for those that live paycheck to paycheck. We ask that you protect the most vulnerable who can not support themselves.

Dear Lord, we turn to you who has gotten us through so much already. You are the great physician in whom we trust. We love you and praise you for what you will do and for the miracles we proclaim in your name.

Finally, we pray for your church. Help us to reach out to a hurting world with love, joy, peace and grace! Help us to remember you are with all of us and we are not alone. We are all in this together!

In Jesus Name we Pray, Amen! "

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